Intelligent Actuation Systems   |   Controlling Future Motion

Who are we?

Halla Mechatronics is a North American subsidiary of the Halla Group established in 2013 in Bay City, MI. It is a state-of-the-art Research and Development facility committed to the design of electronics, embedded systems, and magnetics. With a multidisciplinary engineering team, our "mechatronic" know-how enables us to develop innovative design solutions for use in many precision motor-control applications.

Engineering  Elements

Electrical Engineering

Halla Mechatronics electrical engineering capability consists of electrical system design, electrical hardware design and analysis including Schematic Design and circuit board layout. Employing computer aided design tools for developing schematics, circuit layout and analysis, thermal modelling, and EMC analysis. Halla Mechatronics has also developed high tech test equipment to verify electrical circuit functionality including Electromagnetic capability.

Mechanical Integration

Halla Mechatronics mechanical integration capabilities include modern mechanical engineering tools and practices such as CAD/CAM with latest packages, FEA analysis, rapid prototyping, Design of experiments, DFMEA and DFM analysis. We are also equipped with a full capability engineering garage and machining facility. In rapid fashion, we can go from engineering concept to end use evaluation in the target application.

Software Engineering

Halla Mechatronics does all software definition, design and development in-house utilizing the latest embedded software design tools and methodologies. A solid flow down of requirements allows for traceability top to bottom of the V-Model. Our holistic model based approach allows for rapid prototyping and fast to market implementations giving our customers highest quality with lowest risk. 

Systems, Safety and Controls

Customer and Market needs are quickly evolving. Halla Mechatronics has deployed a holistic model based system engineering approach through state of the art tools and methodologies. This methodology allows for quick response to customer needs and impacts on changes. The process for defining and developing system level requirements is in compliance with many industry safety standards such as ISO 26262, MIL STD 882, and IEC 61508. 

Prototype & Testing Capabilities

Halla Mechatronics has designed and developed automated prototyping equipment to manufacture Motor/Controller and Sensor assemblies in an environment that mimics a production electronics manufacturing facility. Furthermore we developed new testing equipment with inimitable motor dynamometers, precision data acquisition equipment for noise/vibration/harmonics testing and analysis, environmental control, strain measurement, magnetics field measurement, Electromagnetic (EMC) capability testing, and advance data acquisition and processing. Our vehicle integration facility is equipped with everything needed to service, modify, or create from scratch our engineering concepts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop the next generation of electronically driven motion control
systems and deploy these technologies across multiple industries globally. 

"providing challenging work initiatives to develop next generation technology"


Halla Mechatronics consists of a large and diverse workforce of 70 engineers from around the world. The highly experienced workforce has a solid balance of technical competence and certifications, with several PhD, Master, and bachelor degreed personnel with over 400 man-years of combined engineering experience in the electronics, automotive, and aviation industries. With the depth and breadth of experience, Halla Mechatronics is proud to mentor and be actively involved in co-op and engineering internship programs with our local Michigan higher education institutions.

Work Environment - how we do it

The key to success, in a competitive job market is to create an environment where people thrive in their work conditions... Halla Mechatronics differentiates themselves from the pack by providing challenging work initiatives to develop next generation technology... but with great reward and sense of accomplishment in return. It is an environment that applauds taking calculated risk…but offers support and encouragement instead of fear of failure. Our workforce strives to support each other on our journey toward technical advancements. Our newly remodeled facility allows individuals to develop new technology in a hands on environment.   


"In our environment, it's our people that matter most... and they will make things happen"

Our Passion/Goal

Halla Mechatronics team motive and passion is to further develop the emerging high-technology products that will change the 21st century. We aim to provide opportunities for top-notch talent to excel in a company that they are proud to call their own. We couple this with sustainable presence in a community known for innovation and creativity. 

Career Opportunities

Our goal is to protect the community by creating both high-tech salary positions and growing a large American labor force to service North American customers. By providing more stable high tech jobs, we create a strong economic presence in our community for generations to come. 


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